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Eliminating inequality

through engineering and design

We create sustainable solutions for communities

Yielding the power of innovation and design to maximise social impact and develop long term, sustainable solutions. We envision a future with high global equality and ecological restoration, a vision we believe strongly resonates with many organisations and communities. Our human centred design approach means that we create new technology and solutions that are innovative and impactful, freeing our collaborators to drive and deliver change.

Committed to sustainable development

Minazi is committed to sustainable development. Every project is based around the SDGs

Impact Focused

Our consultants have developed a lean and holistic four-stage process centered around impact, ensuring the overall objective is impact


We specialize in creating packages and approaches that enable affordable, high-quality designs so that technical expertise is always available.

Our work

Our focus areas


“We have been working with Minazi for 6 months now and are delighted with all that we have achieved together. They are highly organised and efficient, they have listened carefully to be brief and been very reactive to the changes that evolved as the project moved forwards. The level of research from within the team is staggering and the fact that they are sharing their wealth of knowledge with us is breathtaking. Small charities like ours are often Jack of all trade establishments and working with masters in a specific area is like finding a treasure trove.”

Director and Trustee, Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Our Partners

Interested in partnering with us to accelerate your impact?

Do you offer products and services to marginalised or community groups? Do you feel your services could be improved in order to increase your impact? Do you want to develop innovative solutions to challenges faced by your community, but don’t know where to start?

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