About Minazi


We believe innovative thinking, research and design can change the world for the better. We’re a research and development studio  for design and engineering solutions tailored towards eliminating poverty, supporting social and sustainable development and promoting social equality. We combine socioeconomic understanding and experiences with innovative design thinking and problem solving, which puts us in a unique position to support social causes.


Our capabilities and expertise are in poverty eradication, gender equality and good health and well-being. We have the resources to support SMEs, social and public sector organisations in conducting design research and developing technological solutions that address and overcome challenges, improving the efficiency and impact of their organisation or cause. Our solutions are ethical, environmentally sustainable, carefully consider the full product life cycle and ensure long-term impact.

At Minazi, we believe that truly impactful solutions have economic and environmental sustainability at the forefront of design

Our Story

Minazi Consulting is actually named after a small village in Rwanda called Minazi, where the idea for this organisation first began and who’s community has left a deep imprint in the hearts of the co-founders. Prior to co-creating the consultancy, our founders had worked with the community in Minazi for many years. This experience, alongside other experiences working in other community driven projects in the UK and abroad, led to a deep insight: We noticed that engineering has a power to change the status-quo, to bring equality by raising living standards and replenishing the environment. This knowledge is the foundation behind Minazi’s mission: To eliminate inequality with engineering and design.

How we work

Holistic design approach

Our design approach circles around impact. We look at the impact we want to have, our methodology to get there and assess our model against the impact we have achieved – this ensures we are always on track to achieve maximum change.

Environmental focus

Our designs and solutions consider the impact to the environment from the beginning, taking into account the life cycle before critical design decisions are made. This allows us to maximise environmental sustainability and protection.

Innovation with simplicity

We believe that the best innovation is often the simplest. To do this, we follow system thinking approaches that ensure that we are not just looking at the most direct stakeholders but we’re also considering the entire ecosystem of the problem itself. 

Our values


We empathise and care about people who are at the centre of our work


We take responsibility for our work, act with authenticity, and foster an honest and open minded culture


We treat each other with respect, and promote individuality and inclusion in all dimensions


We embrace creativity, think beyond current norms and drive change by applying innovative approaches

Interested in partnering with us to accelerate your impact?

Do you offer products and services to marginalised or community groups? Do you feel your services could be improved in order to increase your impact? Do you want to develop innovative solutions to challenges faced by your community, but don’t know where to start?

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