June 23 is recognized as the international women in engineering day. The aim of the day is to celebrate and raise awareness of women in engineering. To celebrate and participate in #INWED24, we’re launching an engineering mentorship programme for young female engineers with the aim of linking female engineers in the UK and around the world. Why? Because we believe mentorship is a really great way to build confidence, boost skills and close the skills gap in engineering.

The mentorship programme is an exciting initiative for Minazi – hear from what our founder has to say about the launch:

Not only did I grow up in a household with very traditional gender roles, I didn’t have many scientific role models either, which made it very difficult for me to identify myself as an engineer. My school books talked about Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla but not about Marie Curie or Katherine Johnson or Margaret Hutchinson. It was almost like the history of invention lay solely with men. Although I studied engineering, the lack of female engineers made me think that this job is simply more suited to men than women. This had a rather significant effect on my fluctuating confidence and self-esteem as a young engineer and I frequently felt inadequate or felt like I had to prove my abilities to myself and the world constantly. 

One of the things I found hardest was not having that many female engineers to look up to in the workplace. I remember being on placement at an engineering company where I was only 1 of 3 women in the Research and Technology division of the company (compared to about 40 other staff). I would have loved to have a female engineer on the team – that I could look up to, and feel a sense of belonging. Thinking back now, a mentorship scheme would have been great for me which is why I’m so excited to launch this programme with Minazi.”

 – Reflections from Dr. Aakeen Parikh, Founder and Director at Minazi