We’re thrilled to announce that our founder and director, Aakeen Parikh, is a winner in the WISE100 awards in the ‘Equality and Empowerment’ category. The Natwest + Pioneers Post WISE100 award recognises the most inspiring and influential women in social enterprise, impact investment and mission-driven business. Aakeen was nominated in the ‘Equality and Empowerment’ category as a woman who is leading the way in issues of equality and diversity, particularly (but not exclusively) in gender equality, equal participation and leadership.

Hear from the director:

“I feel incredibly humbled to have been awarded the WISE100 ‘Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise’ award for championing ‘Equality and Empowerment’. Although being named alongside some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the UK today feels a little daunting, it’s an encouraging and exciting feeling that I can’t fully comprehend yet😊

When I started out with Minazi, I was a young person, with very little experience, who was about to take on something massively challenging: world inequality. And a few years later, a little wiser and older, I’m still on the same path; I continue to be outraged that in 2024 we’re fighting for clean water, human rights and equality. That there is one world for the rich and another world for the poor.

Minazi is all about bringing those ideas to the table that could change the status quo; it’s where innovation, social progress and environmental sustainability meet in the middle. It is about engineering a better world. If we can design spaceships that take us to the moon and back; then surely, we can build a world that is just that little bit better for everyone?

It’s certainly worth a try!

Thank you to NatWest + Pioneers Post for the platform, and for my incredible network who make this possible.”
– Aakeen