Software Development


Development of a performance monitoring web application for
Khushii, a childcare NGO in India

In India, almost half of the children drop out of the education system after 8 years of elementary education, without acquiring minimum acceptable foundational skills. One of the organisations working to change this is Khushii, an educational charity based in Delhi. Khushii work with 22 government schools and provide necessary mentorship for academically weaker students in order to help them complete their education.

In order to help Khushii track and monitor their educational support for the students, Minazi worked with Khushii to create a bespoke monitoring and evaluation platform, which is able to generate and visualize student data from any school part of Khushii’s programme, allowing Khushii to quickly identify students in need of support.


Our approach

We started this project by closely studying the needs and requirements of Khushii, mapping their current experience with monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and understanding the challenges that they faced. We conducted primary interviews and user journeys to help obtain a holistic picture of the requirements. We worked closely with Khushii’s M&E team in order to identify all the features that would help streamline the process – and ultimately, enable a faster, more reliable and efficient platform for monitoring and evaluation. With the insights from initial design research, the team at Minazi began design and development. This started with creating concepts. It was essential to work closely with the project partners and co-create the final design.  An iterative design approach was followed, through fast prototyping in order to iron out assumptions.


Our impact

With the new M&E platform, Khushii is able to improve their analysis and reporting of their programmes. The automatic platform reduces human error and ensures a robustness in their method. This will lead to Khushii being able to secure more funding towards their programmes so that they can provide educational support to many more underprivileged children.  

“We were pleased to work with Minazi Team as they have been extremely organized and thoughtful in designing the M&E application for KHUSHII within the stipulated timeframe. Minazi brings in multi-disciplinary expertise, credibility and on-ground experience. They exhibit a professional approach and are committed to achieving the project objectives and deliverables within agreed provisions and timelines.”

Harish Gosain

Executive Director, Khushii

The engineering and design partner for sustainable development organisations