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Mentorship programme

Engineering Women Mentorship Programme

The women in engineering mentorship programme is a newly launched initiative at Minazi for young female engineers with the aim of creating a closely linked engineering community in the UK and around the world. The programme is designed to match young, early career female engineers with mid-career and senior female engineers in order to provide mentorship, guidance and support through the transition from university to the workplace, build confidence and act as the necessary role models. In particular, the goal is to link women across sectors as many times, young graduates enter a workplace where they simply may not be female engineering role models to look up to.


Why do we need more women engineers?

The world is currently facing a serious engineering skills shortage in order to solve the many global problems that we face. Statistics show that whilst many women are now enrolling and graduating as engineers, there is still a shortage of female engineers in the workplace. This may be because most engineering companies still do not have sufficient D&I quotas to young female engineers feel welcome and spired to pursue and remain engineers. That said, statistics also show that a diverse team is much better at tackling problems and better for the long term success of organisations. By encouraging women to remain as the engineers they trained to be, or choosing engineering in the first place, there are huge benefits to the organisation as the different perspectives and skills that women bring into engineering as well as in leadership positions.

Perception is a very important factor in career choices. A person who is unable to picture themselves in a particular role in the future – due to the fact that they have not seen many (or any) people do it before – is unlikely to feel suited to the role. A lot of our learning is subconscious, and a lot of what we see shapes us more than we realise. Looking into a mirror and being able to picture oneself as an engineer or engineering leader is a driving factor in the future pursuit of engineering.

A key focus at Minazi is to reduce global inequality by reducing the gender gap. Increasing the diversity and inclusion in the workplace by building the confidence of young engineers is key to achieving this. 


Join our programme as a mentor or a mentee to help bridge the skills gap

Prospective Mentors

Mentorship is a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your CV, personal and professional development, enhance your leadership skills, whilst having a substantial impact in a prospective engineer of the future.  It’s a great way to provide guidance and support but also have an inspiring conversation. Sharing your experience and knowledge can provide someone with the confidence they need to feel comfortable and capable of pursuing engineering.

Do join us in being a mentor!

 Requirements for Mentorship

  • Career: Mid to senior level engineer – You have at least 3-4 years of engineering experience in industry/academia
  • You are a practicing engineer or scientist
  • You have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering (all fields apply)
  • Ideally, between 25 – 35 (if you’re outside these age brackets, but still feel you meet the criteria, do apply)


Prospective Mentees

 Are you a female student or early career engineer? Are you considering studying engineering or not sure if you want to study engineering? Are you looking for some support? We know how hard it can be. 

We believe that there is an excellent engineer in all of you – and that the world needs your engineering skills to solve some of the greatest problems humanity is yet to face.

If you’re looking for guidance, support, mentorship, do join us as a mentee!

Requirements for prospective mentees

  • Career: Final Year Student or early career engineer
  • You are studying engineering or wanting to study engineering at university
  • You have very limited career experience
  • Ideally, between 21 – 24 (if you’re outside these age brackets, but still feel you want to be a mentee, do apply)


More about the Engineering Women Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programme

The mentorship programme is a year-long development programme. The programme dates are provided below. In addition to the programme dates, the programme will be split into 4 main quarters, which will act as key points of reflection. More information will be provided in the information pack.


What are the programme dates?

This is a year long mentorship programme, launching on 23rd June 2024.

The dates for the programme are below.

23 June: Launch and Announcement

23 June – 15 August  – Mentor and Mentee Applications open

15 August – 30 August – Selection and pairing of Mentors and Mentees

1 September  – Year Long Mentorship Programme


What is required to participate in the programme?

The mentor-mentee relationship is entirely flexible, as we believe that a natural and organic bond is absolutely key to the success of a good mentorship programme. However, we do ask that you can commit a minimum of 12-15 hours over the duration of the programme; which is approximately an hour a month to meet with each other (virtually or in person!). You will also be required to put aside some time at the end of each quarter for a reflection activity – which will be described in the information pact.

Lastly, don’t worry if you have never not done this before, we will be providing training at the start and introduction guide.


How many spaces are available?

We are hoping to offer as many places as available! We will confirm the number of spaces once the selection window closes.

Questions? Do reach out!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us on:

We look forward to hearing from you

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