Our Team

Soren Vines | Co-Director - Business Strategy


Soren has worked in the humanitarian-sustainable field for the past four years and is a co-founder of several initiatives focused on creating vibrant communities to leverage student potential and bring tangible social impact, and a winner of several awards such as the prestigious Diana award and CGCU Student Activity Award.


Aakeen Parikh FRSA - Co-Director - Projects

Aakeen is a PhD researcher at Imperial College London in Department of Mechanical Engineering, who has worked in development innovation for several years. She has a diverse project portfolio in design led innovation and sustainability as well as technical engineering projects, leading user research and prototype development.  

Lara Hartmann | Co-Director - Marketing

Lara currently works as a Junior Strategy Manager for an international consumer goods company. During her four years of professional journey, she has leveraged marketing, communication, and change management skills. In this scope, she has developed concepts and projects for global communities. With her experience, she ensures the management of Minazi’s marketing and strategic projects.


Kieran Burke | Lead Consultant -Projects

Kieran is currently completing a masters in Advanced Mechanical Engineering after having worked as a graduate sustainability engineer for a leading cooperative in Leeds. He has vast experience in the third sector ranging from data analytics for a development charity to a directorship of a social enterprise and is looking forward to complementing his 3rd sector experience with his newly gained engineering skills.


Sabah Sheikh - Business Strategy

Sabah is a Management Fellow at Praava Health, Bangladesh’s fastest growing healthcare company. She leads cross-functional strategic projects, reporting to directly to the CEO. Previously, Sabah worked at McKinsey & Company, focusing on growth strategy, asset sourcing, and operational transformation projects for clients across a number of industries and geographies. She was also co-lead for the McKinsey Venture Academy. 

Skylar (Jing) Loh | Design Research

Skylar is a 2nd year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Imperial College London. She is currently the media lead of e.quinox and has been involved in projects such as designing a washing machine and devising technological solutions for farmers in Rwanda. Through experiences in project research and industrial experiences, she aims to use her knowledge to design sustainable engineering projects to create a social impact. 


Naa Harding - Design Consultant

Naa Harding is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at Imperial College London. Naa has gathered useful analytical experience doing primary research in Rwanda. As well as being a design consultant for Minazi, she has a passion for marketing and undertakes several marketing positions, including being the manager of The Boiler Room, for her course at Imperial College.

Victoria Tully | Lead Impact Consultant

Victoria is a graduate of IDS, from the University of Sussex in Globalisation, Business, and Development. She has worked several years in the development sector and handled multiple projects related to sustainability, community development, gender equality, and economic empowerment. Additionally, she has knowledge and practice in project design and implementing, programme management, M&E, and business development.

Alex Gallo | Lead Impact Consultant

Alex is a postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft, with an MEng and a PhD in Control Engineering from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department at Imperial College. Alex has several years of experience in humanitarian engineering, particularly as part of the innovation society E.quinox, and has held several managerial positions at different levels of the organization.


Khalil Ismail | Design Consultant

Khalil is a Design Engineering student at the University of Nottingham, with a passion for bridging empathy and engineering. He aims to direct the multidisciplinary skills he is learning towards social impact, across both physical and digital spaces. His design work has previously taken him to Buckingham Palace, where he received a national award for innovation.

Augustin Mengoni - Engineering Consultant

Agustin is a third year Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance student at UCL. Having grown up in four different continents, Agustin has a vast understanding of how minazi solutions can be customised to fit different cultures. In his free time, he balances working as the Head of Sponsorship for UCL’s Engineering Society and playing football.

Aayushi Parikh - HR & Communication

Aayushi currently works in a healthcare company and is being trained as a HCA after graduating with a BSc in Genetics at Newcastle University. She has a scientific background that is uniquely merged with people skills, and she has a passion for sustainability and development.